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How old is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955

Bill Gates is 66 years old

Age in days

Bill Gates is 66 years and 3 months

Total is 24,199 days

Next birthday

Bill Gates's next birthday is in 273 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Bill Gates is Scorpio.

Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates have taken breaths around:

261,349,200 breaths of air

Bill Gates have spent time for eating & drinking around:

32.5 months eating and drinking

Bill Gates heart has beaten around:

2,508,952,320 times

Bill Gates have eaten around:

47.9 tons of food

Bill Gates have slept around:

22 years sleeping

Bill Gates have laughed around:

241,990 times


William (Bill) Gates is the former General Manager but current technology adviser, as well as the main architect of the whole Microsoft system and Microsoft Corporation, which is the world's leading producer of software for personal computers. Gates is one of the richest and the most influential people on earth, a researcher and an author of many books, a social and humanitarian activist. He was born and grew up in Seattle, and basic computer programming became his interest when he was 13 years old and studied in Lakeside School. When he became a student of Harvard, together with his friend Steve Ballmer, Gates practiced his knowledge of BASIC language and its application for the first mini PCs. In 1975, when Bill became the third year student, he decided to focus completely on the work on creating software for personal computers, and together with Paul Allen, they established Microsoft company. For many years, Bill Gates was playing a key role in the company's development, management, and world's leadership in computer programming. He was the one to make the principal strategical decisions, as well as get involved in all kinds of the company's management issues and its technological advancement. Since 2014, he stepped down from being the CEO of the company, giving these responsibilities to his longtime associate, Satya Nadella. These days, Gates is focused on managing Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is one of the richest private charity organizations in the US, with the total assets close to 38 billion USD. Its main mission is to promote health care and reduce poverty around the world. The institution was established by Gates together with his wife Melinda French, whom he got married to in 1994 and who is the mother of their three children. Bill Gates was repeatedly named the richest man on the planet, with the current wealth close to 91 billion USD. In his free time, he likes reading, traveling, playing golf and bridge.

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