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How old is Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy was born on 03 April 1961

Eddie Murphy is 60 years old

Age in days

Eddie Murphy is 60 years, 2 months and 10 days

Total is 21,986 days

Next birthday

Eddie Murphy's next birthday is in 294 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Eddie Murphy is Aries.

Facts About Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy have taken breaths around:

237,448,800 breaths of air

Eddie Murphy have spent time for eating & drinking around:

29.6 months eating and drinking

Eddie Murphy heart has beaten around:

2,279,508,480 times

Eddie Murphy have eaten around:

43.6 tons of food

Eddie Murphy have slept around:

20 years sleeping

Eddie Murphy have laughed around:

219,860 times


Eddie Murphy is a famous American actor and comedian, singer, as well as a movie producer and a screenwriter. Born in 1961 in Brooklyn, his parents got divorced and his childhood was pretty difficult. Since his early teen ages, he was fascinated by stand up comedy and he was influenced by Bill Cosby. His first performances as a stand-up comedian took place on various stages of New York and shortly after he became one of "Saturday Night Live" team. Murphy portrayed a few characters in the show and made plenty of collaborations with another brilliant comedian Dan Aykroyd. His first cinema role in the movie "48 Hours" brought him the Golden Globe nomination, so did other movies like "The Beverly Hills", "The Nutty Professors", and also "Dreamgirls" for which Murphy managed to win the Golden Globe and receive the Academy Award nomination. His performances in comedies like "Vampire in Brooklyn", "The Adventures of Pluto Nash", "Norbit", and many more. Eddie Murphy is considered among 10 best comedians of all times, as well as one of the best-paid comedians in the US. In 2015 he became the 6th most grossing actor in the country. He was married a few times and has 10 children. Murphy is an active philanthropist, he has donated millions of dollars for various programs related to health care, education, social, cultural, and other issues.

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