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How old is Goldie Hawn?

Goldie Hawn was born on 21 November 1945

Goldie Hawn is 75 years old

Age in days

Goldie Hawn is 75 years, 10 months and 5 days

Total is 27,703 days

Next birthday

Goldie Hawn's next birthday is in 56 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Goldie Hawn is Scorpio.

Facts About Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn have taken breaths around:

299,192,400 breaths of air

Goldie Hawn have spent time for eating & drinking around:

37.2 months eating and drinking

Goldie Hawn heart has beaten around:

2,872,247,040 times

Goldie Hawn have eaten around:

54.5 tons of food

Goldie Hawn have slept around:

25 years sleeping

Goldie Hawn have laughed around:

277,030 times


A charming lady and a talented actress, Goldie Hawn is remembered by her roles in the movies "Death Becomes Her" and "Private Benjamin". Goldie was born in 1945 in the capital city, to the parents who both had to do with arts. In her childhood, Goldie was trained in dance and ballet, so her first performances were on a ballet stage. She tried studying acting in the American University but dropped down and moved to California in order to pursue her career in dancing. However, due to her very nice appearance, she was invited to take part in a local comedy TV show "Good Morning World", which became her first step in her acting career. In the late 1960s, she appeared in "Rowan and Martin Laugh-In" comedy show, which brought the actress to obtaining a role in the comedy movie "Cactus Flower" and receiving an Academy Award for her amazing performance. During the 1970s and the 1980s Hawn was a star, with plenty of great roles in the movies like "Butterflies, Are Free", "Shampoo", "The Sugarland Express", "Foul Play" (with Chevy Chase), "Lovers and Liars", "Private Benjamin", "Protocol", "Swing Shift", "Overboard" (with Kurt Russell), and "Bird on a Wire" (with Mel Gibson). Later on, Goldie starred near Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes Her", near Steve Martin in "Housesitter" and "The Out-of-Towners", Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Edward Norton in "Everyone Says I Love You", Susan Sarandon in "The Banger Sisters". Goldie Hawn loves meditation and is a social activist promoting and supporting various educational programs. She was married two times and has three children, including a son together with Kurt Russell.

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