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How old is Gregg Sulkin?

Gregg Sulkin was born on 29 May 1992

Gregg Sulkin is 28 years old

Age in days

Gregg Sulkin is 28 years, 11 months and 8 days

Total is 10,569 days

Next birthday

Gregg Sulkin's next birthday is in 23 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Gregg Sulkin is Gemini.

Facts About Gregg Sulkin

Gregg Sulkin have taken breaths around:

114,145,200 breaths of air

Gregg Sulkin have spent time for eating & drinking around:

14.2 months eating and drinking

Gregg Sulkin heart has beaten around:

1,095,793,920 times

Gregg Sulkin have eaten around:

20.3 tons of food

Gregg Sulkin have slept around:

9.3 years sleeping

Gregg Sulkin have laughed around:

105,690 times


Gregg Sulkin is a British actor and television star who is known for his roles in various TV series of Disney, MTV and other popular channels. Born in 1992 in a neighborhood of London, Gregg grew up in a Jewish family. He started his acting career in the early 2000s with a role in a teleplay Doctor Zhivago. In the middle of the decade he began appearing in cinema and took part in filming movies like Sixty Six and The Heavenly, as well as TV series Man on the Moon, As the Bell Rings and others. During the 2010s Sulkin participated in creating such TV projects as Wizards of Waverly Place, Melissa & Joey, Pretty Little Liars, as well as played the main roles in TV series like Faking It and Runaways. In cinema, Gregg Sulkin can be seen in such films as White Frog, Another Me, Don't Hang Up, Status Update, and so on.

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