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How old is Howard Stern?

Howard Stern was born on 12 January 1954

Howard Stern is 68 years old

Age in days

Howard Stern is 68 years and 16 days

Total is 24,853 days

Next birthday

Howard Stern's next birthday is in 349 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Howard Stern is Capricorn.

Facts About Howard Stern

Howard Stern have taken breaths around:

268,412,400 breaths of air

Howard Stern have spent time for eating & drinking around:

33.4 months eating and drinking

Howard Stern heart has beaten around:

2,576,759,040 times

Howard Stern have eaten around:

49.4 tons of food

Howard Stern have slept around:

22.7 years sleeping

Howard Stern have laughed around:

248,530 times


Howard Stern is a famous American TV and radio personality, a producer, a writer, and an artist. He was born in1954 in New York, to a family of Jewish origins. He was raised in New York and has always been dreaming about becoming a radio show host. After finishing school, Howard entered Boston University to study Communications, and those were the times when he got his first jobs at the local radio stations. He used to be involved in creating various morning programs in such stations as WWWW, WCCC, WWDC, WRNW, and others. Starting from 1986 and for almost 20 years since then Howard Stern was a host of "The Howard Stern Show", which was a wonderful comedy and entertainment talk show program, so soon it became extremely popular. With this show, Stern managed to win a large number of national awards, including 8 Billboard titles "Air Person of the Year", as well as become the highest paid radio personality in the US. In the 2010s Stern tried himself in singing, writing, and doing photography. He joined the judge line of "America's Got Talent" and made one more record there: together with Simon Cowell, Stern became the highest paid TV personality of 2013. He is an avid animal rights protector and a fan of sports. In addition, he has been practicing transcendental meditation for decades. Howard Stern was married twice: the first wife of his he met in the university, and she is the mother of his 3 daughters. Currently, he is married to an American model Beth Ostrosky Stern.

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