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How old is Johann Sebastian Bach?

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on 31 March 1685

Johann Sebastian Bach is 336 years old

Age in days

Johann Sebastian Bach is 336 years, 9 months and 28 days

Total is 123,024 days

Next birthday

Johann Sebastian Bach's next birthday is in 62 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Johann Sebastian Bach is Aries.

Facts About Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach have taken breaths around:

1,328,659,200 breaths of air

Johann Sebastian Bach have spent time for eating & drinking around:

165.4 months eating and drinking

Johann Sebastian Bach heart has beaten around:

12,755,128,320 times

Johann Sebastian Bach have eaten around:

244.1 tons of food

Johann Sebastian Bach have slept around:

112 years sleeping

Johann Sebastian Bach have laughed around:

1,230,240 times


Johann Sebastian Bach was a famous German classical music composer and a talented musician, one of the most successful members of the Bach family. He was born in 1685 in Eisenach, to the family of composers and musicians. He spent his childhood alongside his siblings traveling within a number of cities in the southeastern region of Germany because the parents of the children died at a quite early age. Johann has learned to play a number of musical instruments in his childhood and began composing when he was in his late teen ages. He started his career working as an organist in various churches and various social events, and his first serious works were composed for the Lutheran church. During the 1720s, Bach worked in Leipzig as an organist and continued composing by experimenting with various styles, harmonies, motives, and other composing techniques. Closer to the middle of the century his musical pieces got public recognition and were noticed by the members of the Royal families of Germany and Poland. The King of Poland Augustus has granted Johann Sebastian Bach the title of the Royal Composer. There is a large number of famous musical pieces composed by Bach, with Brandenburg Concertos, the Violin Concertos, the Passions, and Fugues being the most famous ones. He passed away in summer 1750 at the age of 65, suffering from serious complications caused by his eye surgery. He was the father of 20 children, only 8 of whom survived.

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