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How old is John Cusack?

John Cusack was born on 28 June 1966

John Cusack is 55 years old

Age in days

John Cusack is 55 years, 3 months and 18 days

Total is 20,199 days

Next birthday

John Cusack's next birthday is in 255 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of John Cusack is Cancer.

Facts About John Cusack

John Cusack have taken breaths around:

218,149,200 breaths of air

John Cusack have spent time for eating & drinking around:

27.1 months eating and drinking

John Cusack heart has beaten around:

2,094,232,320 times

John Cusack have eaten around:

40 tons of food

John Cusack have slept around:

18.3 years sleeping

John Cusack have laughed around:

201,990 times


John Paul Cusack is an American actor and movie producer who is famous for his outstanding performances in some action and drama movies. He was born in 1966 in Illinois, to the family of an actor and movie director Richard Cusack. John grew up among his 4 siblings being exposed to large amounts of cinema arts and acting related atmosphere. Just like John, his sisters Ann and Joann became actresses too. Being not much interested in studying, in the mid-1980s John dropped out of university and started looking for jobs related to acting combining that with his kickbox training. His first cinema roles were in the movies "Class", "16 Candles", "The Sure Thing", "Better Off Dead", and "Stand By Me". In the late 1980s he starred with Demi Moore in "One Crazy Summer", "Hot Pursuit", "Tapeheads", "Say Anything", and "The Grifters". He started appearing on Broadway stage and continued with the roles in the movies like "Money For Nothing", "City Hall" (with Al Pacino), "Con Air" (with Nick Cage and John Malkovich), "The Thin Red Line" (with Sean Penn and George Clooney), "Being John Malkovich" (with Cameron Diaz), "Max", "Identity" (with Ray Liotta), "Runaway Jury" (with Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Weisz), "The Contract" (with Morgan Freeman), "The Grace is Gone", "1408" and "Cell" (with Samuel L Jackson), "2012", "Shanghai", "The Raven", "The Butler", "The Bag Man", "Drive Hard", "Reclaim", "Arsenal", "Blood Money", and many more. John Cusack is a huge fan of sports and is being involved in politics. He has never been married.

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