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How old is Johnny Knoxville?

Johnny Knoxville was born on 11 March 1971

Johnny Knoxville is 50 years old

Age in days

Johnny Knoxville is 50 years, 3 months and 2 days

Total is 18,357 days

Next birthday

Johnny Knoxville's next birthday is in 271 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Johnny Knoxville is Pisces.

Facts About Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville have taken breaths around:

198,255,600 breaths of air

Johnny Knoxville have spent time for eating & drinking around:

24.7 months eating and drinking

Johnny Knoxville heart has beaten around:

1,903,253,760 times

Johnny Knoxville have eaten around:

36.3 tons of food

Johnny Knoxville have slept around:

16.7 years sleeping

Johnny Knoxville have laughed around:

183,570 times


Johnny Knoxville is a famous American actor and stunt performer, a comedian and screenplay writer who rose to fame as a part of the project known as "Jackass". Born Philip John Clapp in 1971 in Tennessee and grew up alongside his two elder sisters and loving parents. Since his childhood, John had a dream of becoming an actor and after finishing high school he moved to California to pursue a career in acting. The first attempts to appear in a serious movie project failed and Knoxville started writing for small local magazines. In the early 2000s together with his crew, he started developing the idea of creating a TV show where the participants wound show various kinds of stunts, often pointless. Soon the project was implemented, first as a TV project and then as a series of movies which became quite popular around the world. In addition to that, Knoxville appeared in a number of cinema movies like "Men In Black" (with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones), "Big Trouble", "Grant Theft Parsons", "The Last Stand", "The Movie 43", "Elvis & Nixon", and more. He used to collaborate with a large number of famous actors and TV personalities like Ben Stiller, Jimmy Kimmel, Will Ferrell, etc. Johnny Knoxville is married and has 2 children.

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