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How old is Prince William?

Prince William was born on 21 June 1982

Prince William is 39 years old

Age in days

Prince William is 39 years, 1 month and 11 days

Total is 14,287 days

Next birthday

Prince William's next birthday is in 323 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Prince William is Gemini.

Facts About Prince William

Prince William have taken breaths around:

154,299,600 breaths of air

Prince William have spent time for eating & drinking around:

19.2 months eating and drinking

Prince William heart has beaten around:

1,481,276,160 times

Prince William have eaten around:

28.3 tons of food

Prince William have slept around:

13 years sleeping

Prince William have laughed around:

142,870 times


Prince William (his full name is William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor or Duke of Cambridge) is a member of the British Royal family and the elder son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as the elder brother of Prince Harry.  William is a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and is the second in the line to the British throne, after his father. William has received an excellent education in private schools of London, and in college, he studied the history of arts, biology, and geography. The Prince was very close with his mom, and in August 1997, when Princess Diana died in a car accident, William was completely crashed. He continued his education followed by his military training, receiving a special rank of Lieutenant Wales. During the late 2000s, he joined Royal Air Forces and managed to obtain the rank of the pilot in command. In 2011 he got married to Catherine Middleton, who became Duchess of Cambridge and is the mother of three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotta, and Prince Louis. Prince William is a big fan of polo, motorcycle racing, and soccer. 

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