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How old is Tommy Lee Jones?

Tommy Lee Jones was born on 15 September 1946

Tommy Lee Jones is 75 years old

Age in days

Tommy Lee Jones is 75 years, 4 months and 13 days

Total is 27,529 days

Next birthday

Tommy Lee Jones's next birthday is in 230 days.

Zodiac sign

Zodiac sign of Tommy Lee Jones is Virgo.

Facts About Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones have taken breaths around:

297,313,200 breaths of air

Tommy Lee Jones have spent time for eating & drinking around:

37 months eating and drinking

Tommy Lee Jones heart has beaten around:

2,854,206,720 times

Tommy Lee Jones have eaten around:

54.5 tons of food

Tommy Lee Jones have slept around:

25 years sleeping

Tommy Lee Jones have laughed around:

275,290 times


Tommy Lee Jones is a famous American actor, producer, and filmmaker. He was born in 1946, in Texas, and his childhood was not easy due to the fact that his family used to change the places of their living plenty of times since he father worked on oil fields. Since he was 15, Tommy tried to work together with his father in oil producing business, and this way he managed to earn some money. At the same time he was a very diligent student, so he joined Harvard University to study literature. Since those times he has been interested in acting and started trying his acting skills on large and small stages of New York theaters. He took part in plenty of performances on Broadway until he had his first cinema role in Love Story (1970). He immediately moved to Hollywood but could not get much attention from famous directors and could not receive any significant role for over 6 years. Finally, his great performance in Rolling Thunder has given him a chance to show himself as a talented actor. During the 1980s he took part in a number of great movies like Back Roads, The Executioner's Song, The River Rat, The Package, Fire Birds followed by even greater roles in the 1990s movies like Under Seige, Fugitive, Blown Away, Natural Born Killers, Batman Forever, and finally, Men in Black, one of the most famous and successful roles of Tommy Lee. He tried directing in 1995, with the movie The Good Old Boys. He was married twice and has 2 children. He is living in Texas and taking parts in various local and national TV projects.

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